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Sellers Takes Two, Again

Sellers Takes Two, Again

By Jeff Bartlett

Peyton Sellers (26) leading Doug Barnes Jr. (88) and Davey Callihan (41) at Dominion Raceway. Photo by Bandon Delano

For Peyton Sellers, even though it is still early, 2022 is shaping up to be just like 2021 where he dominated week in and week out at Dominion and won the points title at both South Bostin Speedway and Dominion, in route to the national points championship. Saturday night he won his third out of four features on the young season.

Sellers kicked off the night by taking the pole with a time of 15.079 over Doug Barnes 15.195. Sellers pulled a four for the invert putting Davey Callihan on the pole. With in 8 laps, Barnes took the lead with Sellers second and Callihan third. Barnes and Sellers swapped the lead over the next 40 laps due to several cautions, but with 10 to go after the final yellow flag, Sellers was able to put some space between him and Barnes to take his second victory of the season. Rounding out the top four were Barnes, Daniel Silvestri, and Mini Tyrell. Callihan had a strong car and looked like he would be in the mix for his first win of the year until a cut left front tire put him in the outside wall effectively ending his night.

Twin number two saw John Goin roll off in the first position following the mandatory eight car invert. A caution on the first lap put Goin and Mason Bailey to the rear giving the lead to Layne Riggs who was making his season debut at Dominion after announcing his run for the national points for 2022. However, his lead would be short lived when he dropped off the pace shortly after the second caution at lap two and would be done for the night finishing 12th. Silvestri inherited the lead and would hold it until Sellers was able to track him down and make the pass just past the halfway point. It looked like Silvestri would have enough to get close and make the pass for the win, but Sellers proved to strong and went on to win his third feature of the year. Silvestri was second, Barnes third and Michael Hardin came home fourth. Bailey was able to battle back from 12th after the early mishap to finish fifth. After four feature races, the Sellers stable has won all four with Sellers taking three and Silvestri one.

The Dominion stocks rolled in this week for their second race of the year and Richard Powers was looking to get his second win in a row. Justin Brown took the pole but drew a six for the invert putting Mike Lowe on the inside front row. With in seven laps though, Todd Ruggles took the lead with Carson Higgs right in his tire tracks. Ruggles was able to hold off Riggs for most of the race with the two of them basically nose to tail, but with only 10 to go, Higgs completed the pass. Ruggles was not done yet though and retook the lead with three to go and was able to hold off Higgs to get his first win of the year. Higgs finished second, Brown third, and Dan Rogers, last years track champion, finished fourth.

In other action, Alec Andrecs picked up his second win in a row and two out of three features this season in the INEX Legends series. In the INEX bando division, Brian Rundstrom took home the win. In the Any Car Division, John Andrews swept the four cylinder and eight-cylinder class.

This coming Saturday the Super Cup Stock Car Series invades Dominion for its first of two feature weekends, and they will be running twin 60 lap features. The Modifieds will also running twin features and the Virginia Racer Late Models, UCARS and Any Car eight-cylinder divisions will also be in action. Gates open at 5 and racing starts at 7. Get your tickets in advance and save $2.

**Todd Ruggles win was overturned and Carson Higgs is your Dominion Stock winner.


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