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Dominion Raceway’s Oval Track measures 4/10ths of a mile and includes uniform banking.  The track is designed to enable excellent side-by-side racing at all locations and will give its competitors “equal” opportunity in both low and high grooves.

Dominion Raceway is proud to be part of NASCAR’s Home Track Series and specifically, it's Advanced Auto Parts Series sanction. This weekly racing program developed by NASCAR has been in existence for many many years and is by all standards the premier weekly racing series in the nation.

NASCAR Advanced Auto Parts Series tracks function as a great entry point for young drivers hoping to develop their talent into national Touring Series divisions

Lots of great drivers have honed their skills in the NASCAR Advanced Auto Parts Series right here: Denny Hamlin, Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards, Travis Kvapel to name a very very few. This series is also a favorite for the Sportsman or hobbyist racers.

Oval Track Policy Statement

Dominion Raceway will fairly implement and evaluate all stated rules for its various oval track divisions to give each competitor and team an equal chance at on-track performance and success. Dominion Raceway will administer all rules as written and update as needed for circumstances not anticipated or that create a consistent and unfair competitive advantage. Dominion Raceway will always strive to improve all of its divisions thru the inclusion of policies, procedures, alternative products and requirements that yield the best racing at the least possible cost for our race teams. Dominion Raceway will always encourage fair play, treat our competitors and teams with respect, enforce rules without bias and implement new ideas for all of our race divisions, teams and competitors to yield the most competitive, enjoyable and rewarding racing at any racing facility in the Country.

General Track Rules

Open Here in PDF

Track Rental Info

The Oval Track is available for private testing. for more information contact Jackie Storm Jackie.Storm@dominionraceway.com

Tires and Fuel

TIRES The following Competitors are required to purchase tires from Dominion Raceway for all racing events held at the raceway:

  • NASCAR Whelen Late Models (LM)
  • Mini-Modified (MM)
  • UCAR
  • Dominion Stock (DS)
  • Dominion Racer (DR)
American Racer Tires will be made available for purchase during the following events:
  • Race Day
  • Open Practice
  • Track Rentals
  • Any time the facility is open. (Please call 703-361-7223)
  • Online at http://featureracingproducts.com/
Sales & Pricing
Information on pricing will be posted closer to the race season. **Tires must be purchased from Dominion Raceway for all racing events.** FUEL Dominion Raceway On-Site Fueling Station
Dominion Raceway is proud to partner with Sunoco Race Fuel and to offer an onsite fueling station. Sunoco Racing Fuel will be available at our credit card automated, self-service pumps. The self-serve pumps are located next to the North side of the building outside turn one of the oval track. The following Competitors are required to purchase fuel from Dominion Raceway for all racing events held at the raceway:
  • NASCAR Whelen Late Models (LM) 10 GAL Minimum
  • Mini-Modified (MM) 5 GAL Minimum
  • U-Cars 5 GAL Minimum
  • Dominion Stock (SS) 5 GAL Minimum
  • Dominion Racer 5 GAL Minimum
The Dominion Raceway Fueling Station offers Sunoco® 260 GTX™ 98 octane (unleaded, non-ethanol), Sunoco® Standard™ 110 octane(leaded, non-ethanol) and Sunoco® 93 octane(unleaded, non-ethanol). Please make sure to call ahead so we can ensure to have enough to meet your needs. **All race fuels contain no ethanol.**

Oval Track Racer Registration Map