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NASCAR Membership and License Renewal

January 18, 2023

Good afternoon and Happy New Year!

NASCAR Member Services is moving license applications to a digital format in 2023 and the anticipated launch date for this new system is January 19, 2023. While we will still provide paper applications with to your track to be utilized as needed, there is a higher price point for paper applications submitted, so we recommend taking advantage of the new digital licensing portal.

The new digital licensing system can be accessed by visiting NASCAR Digital Licensing. We will also have the link available on the NASCAR Members website as well as both a video and paper instructions.

The exciting news is that now all members, new , renewing and minors, can purchase their license through the new portal for all license types, including Per Event and 15-day temporary licenses.

2023 At-Track License Prices:

Feature Driver/Owner - $225

Charger Driver/Owner - $125

Crew - $125

Online Renewal with the $25.00 Discount:

Feature Driver/Owner - $200

Charger Driver/Owner - $100

Crew - $100

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the NASCAR Member Services Department at 386-310-6300.

Thank you for your continued participation in NASCAR.


NASCAR Member Services Team


  • License Renewals for Minors: Minors (age 19 or younger) are now able to purchase online

  • New for Digital Licensing: Required is Copy of Driver license and Photo Upload

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