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Honoring a Racing Legend: The Third Annual Craig Murto Memorial Late Model Stock Car 100 Lap Race

On Saturday, September 16th, the racing community will come together to commemorate the legacy of the late Craig Murto, a passionate journalist and avid supporter of Late Model racing. The Third Annual Craig Murto Memorial Late Model Stock Car 100 Lap Race promises to be a thrilling and emotional experience for both racers and fans alike.

Craig Murto was more than just a journalist; he was a mentor, a friend, and an encyclopedia of knowledge when it came to Late Model Stock Car racing. His journey into the world of motorsports journalism started in 1992 when he began writing for Stopwatcher Magazine. What began as a humble start covering stock car racing for a small newsletter eventually led him to cover NASCAR racing and become a well-known figure in the racing community.

Throughout his career, Murto's passion for the sport was evident in his work. He worked tirelessly to promote Late Model racing and was a familiar face in the pits, offering support and encouragement to every team. His dedication to the sport and its people was unwavering, even as he battled cancer. Beyond journalism, Murto was also a talented songwriter and musician, showing his creative side outside the racetrack.

The Third Annual Craig Murto Memorial Late Model Stock Car 100 Lap Race is not just a race; it's a celebration of a life lived passionately and an opportunity to keep his memory alive. This event is a testament to the profound impact Murto had on the racing community, and it's a way for everyone to come together and honor his contributions.

  • Date: Saturday, September 16th Gates 5pm

  • Location: Dominion Raceway in Spotsylvania County

  • Race Format: The 100-lap race promises intense competition among Late Model Stock Car drivers, with thrilling action expected from start to finish. Also Racing will be the Mods/VA Mods, UCARs, Dominion Stocks, and Souther Ground Pounders.

This race isn't just about the drivers; it's about the entire racing community. Fans, racers, and journalists will all gather to celebrate the life of Craig Murto. The event will also feature special tributes, including moments of silence and a display of some of Murto's most memorable work.

The Third Annual Craig Murto Memorial Late Model Stock Car 100 Lap Race is an opportunity for the racing community to pay its respects and celebrate the life of a true legend in motorsports journalism. Craig Murto's legacy continues to inspire and unite everyone who loves Late Model Stock Car racing. Don't miss this unforgettable event filled with thrilling action on the track and heartfelt tributes off the track. It's a day to remember and honor a man who dedicated his life to the sport he loved. Be there on September 16th to be a part of this special occasion. Get your tickets here

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