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Race Day

First Step: Track Attack 

Track Attack is a unique beginner-level driving experience designed to familiarize you with our road course and introduce basic high performance driving concepts on a Friday evening.


It includes classroom instruction with a professional driving coach and three 20+ minute on-track sessions in your car. Sessions feature paced laps for those who just want to experience what it's like on a real road course at highway speeds with no helmets and no passing.


Between driving sessions, the instructor will critique your performance and offer driving tips. You will notice with each session that your confidence, speed, and fun will increase. No helmet is required and almost any street-legal car, truck, or SUV can be used. No risk, just fun!


Details & registration, CLICK HERE.


Second Step: TRACKCROSS 

TrackCross is a half-day fast autocross on a twisty section of the track (turns 2 thru 8) with no cones and no work assignments - rain or shine.


It is perfect for those who enjoyed our Track Attack and want to try the next step: wide open track as fast as they can safely drive it against the clock in short bursts. Registration is limited so everyone gets plenty of runs.


Cars just need to pass a basic safety inspection. Rental helmets are available. This is the cheapest & easiest way to run for times!


Details & registration, CLICK HERE.



HPDRE is our in-house track day program. It is all about the high-speed driving of street, track, or race prepared cars. We run four groups determined by driver experience and each group gets four 30min track sessions per day.

Classroom and in-car instruction is provided for all beginner/novice drivers. Cars just need to pass a basic safety inspection. Rental helmets are available. Not only will you learn to master the complexities of our track, but you will also gain valuable driving techniques and build skills that can only make you a safer driver on the street!


Details & registration, CLICK HERE.

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